Email marketing

How to Use Comics in Email Marketing
When is the last time you got a comic in your mailbox? The answer is probably never, which is exactly why you would open it and read it immediately. Using comics in email marketing is a brilliant way to grab a person's attention. People love images, in fact, we crave them. Your readers' eyes are naturally drawn to pictures as explained in this excellent post on the subject of images in email.
Comics allow you to put any text you want in an image, which creates a double whammy and super-charges the effectiveness of your message.
Summarize the basic message of your email, a short 3-panel comic is all you need. Consider the example above, of a company selling speaker training. This comic tells the reader everything they need to know about what’s on offer, who has used it, what they will get and how to get it.

Start using comics today and CRUSH your read and open rates like never before!