Internal communications

How to Use Comics in Internal Communications Messages

Does this scenario sound familiar? You’ve spent hours or maybe days crafting a really important email. You want everyone at the company to read it, it’s your magnum opus.
Days later, you realize almost no one has read it. Things would be different if you started it with a comic!
People have short attention spans. Need proof? Check out this post, The Era of the 8 Second Attention Span. You need a way for your message to stand out, and comics are the way to do it. Comics signal fun to the reader, they’re easy to digest and interpret, and they don’t usually show up in your company email. They also take about 8 seconds to read :)
Here are two options:
  1. Summarize the main idea of the message
  2. Or tantalize the reader into wanting to know more
If the message is simple enough, use a 3-panel comic to describe the main idea and then follow up with details in the text below it. If it’s a longer or more complex message, use a comic to create a cliffhanger. Either way, it’ll get them to read more.